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Virtual No-Go lines come to Neato D5, making it smarter than ever before

Here at Neato Robotics, we are committed to constantly improving the Neato cleaning experience for our valued, existing customers. As part of this, we work to regularly introduce new features to current users and provide a more intelligent and efficient cleaning experience. So, today we are releasing new robot software making Neato’s signature No-Go lines available on the Neato D5 model. Whether you bought your Neato robot vacuum today or purchased it years ago, you’ll receive this amazing feature that was originally introduced exclusively for our top of the line Neato D7 model.

Available via a quick and simple software update, virtual No-Go lines put you in control so your robot cleans the areas you want, and more importantly, doesn’t go to areas you designate as “no-go”. Worried about pet bowls, a pile of toys, or the holiday decorations you just set out around the house getting in the way of Neato’s cleaning cycle? No problem – with just a few swipes on the floorplan map in your Neato app, you can block off areas where the robot shouldn’t go and feel a whole new level of freedom and flexibility in programming your robot. Achieve a more convenient and careful clean every day thanks to this new feature.

Current users of the Neato D5 can follow the below tips to access the new feature.

  • Ensure you have the latest version of the Neato app – version 2.7.0.
  • On the home screen of the app, you will receive a notification to download a software update for your robot – version 4.3.0.
  • Once the software is updated, be sure to run your robot to create a floorplan for your home. This is necessary in order to use no-go lines. View the full instructions for setting up No-Go lines.

In addition to No-Go lines, this update will give D5 owners access to multiple floor plans, Eco/Turbo modes and Quick Boost charging features:

  • If you have a multi-story home, you’ll love the multiple floor plan feature. It lets you create up to three floor plans so you can add No-Go lines on each story for a personalized cleaning experience.
  • Eco mode is great for everyday cleaning and Turbo mode provides a more powerful clean.
  • If needed, now your robot can top off its battery mid-clean with just enough charge to finish the job with Quick Boost Charging.1 No need to wait for a full charge when there’s only one room left to clean. Neato now knows your floor plan and can complete the job in the most efficient way possible.

Software version 4.3.0 begins rolling out to Neato D5 owners today, bringing more value and personalization to your cleaning experience. The rollout of robot software version 4.3.0 to Neato D5 is expected to be completed by the weekend. Later this Fall, Neato D3 owners will also receive a software update to enable No-Go lines.

Check out the entire robot vacuum series and browse features and capabilities to choose which one is best for your home and your life.

1 Saved floor plan required.

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